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Bonanza episode
“The Iron Butterfly”
Season 13, Episode 10
#399 in Series
Air date November 28, 1971
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by  Harold Swanton
Directed by Leo Penn
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Vengeful Sen. Carson pins the blame on Hoss when his son is killed by his ex-girlfriend. The Cartwrights do all they can to stop Carson from destroying the Ponderosa.


Hgh-strung actress, Lola Fairmont, on tour in Virginia City, is forced to kills her abusive boyfriend in self-defense. To protect her career and reputation, Hoss steps forward and takes the blame. This brings the wrath of the dead man's father, a senator, upon the Cartwrights.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


Guest Stars[]

  • Mariette Hartley: Lola Fairmont
  • Stefan Gierasch: Grady
  • Allen Garfield: Charlie
  • Peter Whitney: Senator Carson
  • Jack Collins: Mayor
  • John McCann: Bennett
  • Red Currie: Driver
  • Mills Watson: Fontaine


  • German episode title: "Eine Brücke für Miss Fairmont", meaning "A Bridge for Miss Fairmont"
  • This episode was rerun on May 14, 1972 - the day after Dan Blocker's death. NBC did include a ten second tribute at the end of the episode that evening.

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