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Bonanza episode
“The Julia Bulette Story”
Season 1, Episode 6
#6 in Series
Air date October 17, 1959
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Al C. Ward
Directed by Christian Nyby
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Joe falls in love with an older woman, attractive Julia Bulette who owns a saloon in Virginia City. Joe's Pa and his brothers aren't pleased, and neither is Jean Millain, who believes that Julia is his and his alone.


Joe falls for Julia Bulette, owner of the upscale saloon Julia's Palace. Ben disapproves of the liaison, saying Joe is misplacing affection for his deceased mother on Julia, who reminds him of her. Joe continues to see Julia regardless, drawing criticism from his brothers, the town, and ex-suitor Jean Millian.

When an outbreak of the fever hits Virginia City, Julia and the Cartwrights are some of the few who work to help the sick. Julia opens up her saloon to be used as an infirmary, with gambling tables as beds for patients. The Cartwrights, Julia, and the doctor care for the sick. They are joined by miners who want to help their town survive. Julia wins Ben's respect, as he says he'd welcome her at the Ponderosa if that's what Joe wants.

Julia decides she is no good for Joe, so she puts on a celebration when the outbreak is over to show Joe what she’s really like. At the celebration she ignores Joe and flirts with other men. Jean Millian arrives and challenges Joe to a shootout. Joe is the faster draw and shoots him in the arm. Joe is confused when Julia fawns over Millian. She tells Joe that “the door works both ways, and you should use it”. Joe leaves understanding that Julia doesn’t want Joe to stay. Julia also tells Millian she never wants to see him again.

Adam and Hoss find Joe in another bar and convince him to come with them. The town leaders want to thank Ben for being instrumental in defeating the fever. Joe interrupts the meeting to say they ought to honor Julia. The whole group then heads to Julia’s Palace. Joe gives a short speech honoring her then proposes in front of everyone. Julia looks stunned, then walks away, without answering Joe’s proposal. The Cartwrights head home.

The new sheriff arrives at the Ponderosa to tell the Cartwrights they are searching for Millian, who has robbed and stabbed Julia, then fled. Julia has asked to see both Ben and Joe, who ride back to town. She tells Ben that she is giving his son back. She tries to act tough in front of Joe so he won’t long for her when she’s gone. As the Cartwrights mount their horses to leave, Joe looks up to see Julia’s room lights go out. Ben and Joe look at each other sadly as they mount their horses and ride away.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights



  • Alexander Scourby: Jean Millain
  • Duke Fishman: Townsmans
  • Harry Seymour: Piano Player
  • Jack Tornek: Townsman
  • Jane Greer: Julia Bulette
  • Kay E. Kuter: Mr. Flinch
  • Kem Dibbs: Sheriff Brad Olins
  • Mary Munday: Gladys
  • Robert Stevenson: George Romley
  • Robert Williams: Tom
  • Rush Williams: Pete
  • Tom Smith: Townsman


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Did You Know?[]

  • Roy Engel makes his first appearance as Dr. Paul Martin and would appear occasionally during the first five years. Sometimes he played a doctor on the series, but with a name different than "Martin".


"You know, that kid's got lots of grit. One of these days, he's gonna be able to whup that Frenchman."
"Yeah... but this wasn't the day.
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