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Bonanza episode
“The Last Viking”
Season 2, Episode 10
#42 in Series
Air date November 12, 1960
Guest starring:
Written by Anthony Lawrence
Directed by John Florea
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Gunnar Borgstrom is the leader of a vicious band called the Commancheros. They burn houses, kill people and steal anything of value. When the Commancheros get to Nevada, Gunnar decides to visit his relatives, the Cartwrights. Meanwhile the gang capture Little Joe and his girlfriend. When Gunnar returns to the gang, he has no idea who Joe is because he'd never met his nephew before.


Gunnar is a long-lost relative of the Cartwright family. When Gunnar arrives at the Ponderosa, the family takes him in for the evening. Gunnar is the brother to one of Ben Cartwright's late wives.

Unbeknownst to the Cartwright family, Gunnar is also the leader of a band of criminals called The Comancheros. Little Joe is visiting his girlfriend away from the ranch. When Little Joe and his girlfriend are kidnapped by The Comancheros, the Cartwrights and Gunnar are forced into a difficult situation.


The Cartwrights



Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Die Wikinger", meaning "The Vikings".


"I'm Adam. You don't remember me, do you?"
"Ahh! Little Adam!"
"Not anymore.
Gunnar Borgstrom and Adam[src]




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