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“The Philip Deidesheimer Story”
Season 1, Episode 8
#8 in Series
Air date October 31, 1959
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Joseph Kane
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Adam and Hoss meet Philip Diedesheimer, a Dutch immigrant, trying to convince silver mine owners in Virginia City his square set mine system works. When a friend of Adam gets killed in a mine collapse, the Cartwright boys set about making sure that Deidesheimer is given the chance he deserves.


The mines in Virginia City aren't safe. The depth and width of the silver veins can't be supported by the current form of timbering. Many mines have previously collapsed, killing miners.

When a mine collapse occurs in the Ophir Mine, Adam works with his good friend and mine foreman, Gil Fenton, to investigate. The Ophir owner, Andrew Holloway, has also hired an engineer, Philip Diedesheimer, to look into it. While in the mine, another collapse occurs, trapping Adam and Diedesheimer and killing Gil. The two survivors are even more determined to find a solution.

Diedesheimer comes up with the square set, a safer mine support. It requires a lot of timbering, but has many advantages and nearly guarantees safety. However, due to the additional lumber required, none of the mine owners are interested. They accuse Adam of trying to find a way to make more money by selling Ponderosa timber.

Not one to sit back and accept defeat, Adam, Hoss, and Diedesheimer proceed to install the new square set in the Ophir. They test it by setting off a dynamite explosion nearby. All the mine owners have entered the mine to look at the new system. When their lives are saved because of the square timbering, they all agree to invest in the new system.

Cast and Characters[]


  • Alan Reynolds: Doctor
  • Bob Miles: Waitress
  • Charles Cooper: Gil Fenton
  • Ethan Laidlaw: Miner
  • Howard Negley: Pat
  • Jack Perkins: Brawler
  • Jack Tornek: Miner
  • John Beal: Philip Diedesheimer
  • Mae Marsh: Mary
  • Mala Powers: Helene Holloway
  • Paul Birch: Tregalis
  • R.G. Armstrong: Andrew Holloway
  • Robert Osterloh: Casey
  • William Fawcett: Mine Owner
  • William Forrest: Mine Owner


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