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Bonanza episode
“The Real People of Muddy Creek”
Season 10, Episode 4
#4 in Series
Air date 6th October 1968
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Alf Harris
Directed by Leon Benson
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Sheriff Walker of the town of Muddy Creek is shot and killed by Luke Harper, a member of his older brother, Clint, Harper’s gang. The sheriff arrested Luke and was taking him to Muddy Creek to hold him in jail until the U.S. Marshal arrived. The sheriff comes across the Cartwrights one night as they are relaxing after a day’s work. He needs fresh horses to continue the journey back to Muddy Creek. Before he can be on his way with Luke Harper as his prisoner, Luke grabs a gun and kills Sheriff Walker. The Cartwright men subdue Harper and deliver him back to Muddy Creek, thus finishing the sheriff’s work. The Cartwrights soon find out that most of the people of Muddy Creek will not help them guard Luke Harper. In fact, the very next day all but five have left town. They had received a message from Clint Harper that if his brother was locked in the town’s jail, he would burn the town to the ground. Ben, having learned about the residents’ cowardice, is determined to keep Luke Harper until the U.S. Marshal arrives. Ben will soon find some unexpected help.



The Cartwrights []



  • Joe Don Baker: Luke Harper
  • Clifton James: Lawson
  • Jean Hale: Casey Collins
  • Susan Trustman: Linda
  • Russell Thorson: Simon
  • Mitch Vogel: Tommy
  • Hal Lynch: Haines
  • Jon Lormer: Jody
  • Stuart Randall: Sheriff
  • Val Bisoglo: Cliff
  • Ed Long: Deputy
  • Ann Doran: Mrs Walker


  • Mitch Vogel appears in this episode who would later go on to play Jamie Cartwright.

This is the first time that I saw Joe Don Baker.When I first watched this episode,it was when I was 8-years old when Bonanza was still a weekly Series back in 1968.I had seen this episode in more recent times 20 something years after its original showing.Besides the cast,I did not know any of the others in this episode.As the years would go by that would change.