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Bonanza episode
“The Strange One”
Season 7, Episode 10
#212 in Series
Air date November 14, 1965
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Stephen Lord

Jo Pagano

Directed by Gerd Oswald
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When Joe and Hoss are out hunting, they come across Marie, a woman who was exiled from a wagon trail for being a witch. She's brought to the Ponderosa where her frequent visions show she's gifted. Ben questions her claims that she is the reason children died on the wagon train she traveled with.


Hoss and Little Joe are hunting a big cat that was preying on the cattle. At the same time, a group of people left a girl named Marie without food and water because they felt she was somehow causing bad things to happen. It's unclear at first if she is supposed to be clairvoyant or have second sight or whether she is somehow 'haunted' or a ghost, as Hoss later suggests. She predicts a lady will get sick and die and that it will lead to more dying.

Meanwhile, when the boys kill the cat, they accidentally shoot Marie. The doctor helps her and then she mysteriously tells Ben, after seeing a box that Joe's mother used to own that it belonged to a wife of Ben, but not Hoss's mother, that Joe's mother (also Marie) wasn't from the Bayou (as Ben had said his wife came from the same place as this Marie), but New Orleans.

These things spook the boys some and later she tells Ben that she's 'voodoo' and always been a curse to whomever she's stayed with and she doesn't want that to happen to the Cartrights.

Maria tried to warn her people about impending death of a woman but they blame her for the death as though she caused it. Finally they figure that she is indeed warning the people about an impending flash-flood and they hurry to check their wagon trains.

Meanwhile, she is concerned for Joe as she foresees something happening to him as well. She thinks she's caused Joe's death, but he doesn't die. Ben tells Marie's mother that a doctor thinks that Marie has a gift to see things before they happen, but she doesn't cause anything to happen. She's been hearing that she causes bad things so long, she was believing it.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


  • Grandon Rhodes: Dr. J.P. Martin


  • Bill Clark: Townsman
  • Clint Sharp: Wagon Train Member
  • Jean Del Val: Rene
  • Jean Engstrom: Francine
  • Louise Sorel: Marie
  • Michael Barrier: Luke
  • Robert McQueeney: Jeremy
  • Willard Sage: Wynn


Did you know?[]

  • The German episode title is: "Die Hellseherin", meaning "The Clairvoyante".
  • When the now-defunct cable network "The Family Channel" aired Bonanza, this episode was not shown because the chairman, Pat Robertson did not agree with the subject matter.




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