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Bonanza episode
“The Stronghold”
Season 9, Episode 30
#300 in Series
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Air date May 26, 1968
Production code
Guest starring: Mulvaney played by James Gregory

Estelle Dawson played by Bettye Ackerman Issac Dawson played by Joe De Santis Frazier played by Douglas Kennedy Anna played by Jane Zachary Breck played by Ken Drake Lt. March played by Jim Beck Telegrapher played by Martin Eric

Written by John Hawkins and W. R. Burnett
Directed by Leon Benson
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Joe and Candy sell a herd to the Farrell Brothers in Arizona, but are paid a worthless bank draft.  The widow of the man one of the brothers killed helps them get their money back, and the brothers' hatred for each other is their undoing.