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Thomas H Crippen
Biographical information
Full Name: Thomas H Crippen
Occupation: --
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: --
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Born: London
Died: --
Family/Relatives: --
Spouse --
Romances/Domestic Partners: --
Children: --
Appeared on:
First Episode: Once a Doctor
Last Episode: Once a Doctor
Portrayed by: Ashley Cowan

Personal Life[]

Crippen was born in London, England. He was married but his wife's name is never revealed. His wife was terminally ill and that's when Crippen met Dr P A Mundy. Crippen asked Mundy to do something about his wife and although he first declines he thought that he might as well try and help her. She died during surgery and Crippen never forgave Mundy. He followed him around everywhere he went to make sure he never forgot what he did.

Crippen follows Mundy to America and his search ends up in Virginia City where he's heard Mundy is there and he spends all his time there seeking out Mundy and hounding Sheriff Coffee.

Crippen accuses Mundy of murder and goes around town spreading the word. His last act is to go to Mundy's wagon and kill him, and believes that he's untouchable since the man he shot is a subject of British Law as well as he is. However he's outfoxed by the Sheriff who tells him that he shot Hoss instead which makes it Navada Law. Hoss had visited Mundy earlier and Mundy offered Hoss his bed while he slept off his miracle pain killer binge.

Crippen is apprehended and placed in jail for his own safety and from Hoss' very angry little brother.

Crippen is taken away by the Sheriff to serve out his term in the territorial prison.