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Bonanza episode
“Three Brides for Hoss”
Season 7, Episode 22
#224 in Series
Air date February 20, 1966
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Jo Pagano
Directed by Ralph E. Black
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Three separate women show up at the Ponderosa, each claiming that Hoss has asked her to be his bride. A local widower, Jester, is behind the sudden run on husband-hungry women. Hoping he'd scare up a wife and step-mother for his daughter, Jester signed Hoss' to several applications for mail-order brides.


The Ponderosa is thrown into chaos when Kentuckian Annie Slocum shows up claiming that Hoss asked her to be his bride.

Soon after two other women named Yvette and Libby also arrive, making the same claim!

It's all the handiwork of a crafty widower named Jester, who hopes to secure a bride for himself and a stepmom for his daughter Jenny, by signing Hoss' name to innumerable mail-order applications.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


  • Claude Hall: Ned
  • Danielle Aubry: Yvette
  • Grandon Rhodes: Doctor
  • Majel Barrett: Annie Slocum
  • Mitzi Hoag: Libby Spencerfield
  • Orville Sherman: Matt
  • Sharyl Locke: Jenny
  • Stuart Erwin: Jester
  • Wynn Pearce: Jed


Did you know?[]


  • "Howdy poopsie!" ~ Joe Cartwright
  • "You know, I don't know what you got that these women want but whatever it is, Hoss, you oughta bottle it and sell it." ~ Joe Cartwright



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