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Tobias is a beautiful chestnut Kentucky Thoroughbred.

Unluckily, Hoss loses this valuable racehorse in a poker game and he schemes with Adam to buy it back - as quick as possible - so that they can participate in the Virginia City Sweepstakes race. They get Little Joe involved in order to pay off the horse, but later he choses Blackie, one of Enos Milford's horses, to win the race. Adam loses the race with Tobias, just a horse length behind Little Joe.

Breed Characteristics[]

Thoroughbreds are classified among the "hot-blooded" breeds, which are animals bred for agility and speed and are generally considered spirited and bold.

The typical Thoroughbred ranges from 157 to 173 cm high. They are most often bay, dark bay or brown, chestnut, black, or gray. Less common colors are roan and palomino. White is very rare. The face and lower legs may be marked with white, but white will generally not appear on the body.

Good-quality Thoroughbreds have a well-chiseled head on a long neck, high withers, a deep chest, a short back, good depth of hindquarters, a lean body, and long legs.