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Bonanza episode
“Twilight Town”
Season 5, Episode 4
#138 in Series
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Air date October 13, 1963
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Guest starring:
Written by Cy Chermak
Directed by John Florea
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After having his horse stolen, Joe is left to die in the desert heat. He passes out in a ghost town, but when he comes to, Martinville is full of eerie, ghostly characters who want to make him sheriff. They need him to fight off an outlaw they seem unusually terrified of. Joe agrees because of his affections for a cryptic young woman in the town.


Little Joe is knocked unconscious and his horse is stolen by an outlaw. He wanders through the desert until he comes to a ghost town. He collapses in the street.

When he comes to, finds himself being nursed back to health by a beautiful girl in Martinville, a quiet place full of friendly if mysterious townsfolk. After his recovery, Joe is surprised to be offered the position of Sheriff by the town's leaders. They tell him they need him to save them from a band of marauding outlaws. A woman attired in black warns Joe of the town's previous shameful betrayal of her husband, the town's previous sheriff. Still, Joe organizes resistance against the outlaws.

In the end, Joe is forced to face the outlaws as the townsfolk grow increasingly diffident; and he is forced to come face to face with the final dark mystery of Martinville.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights


  • Andy Albin: Stationmaster
  • Betty Endicott: Brunette Store Clerk
  • Bill Clark: Townsman
  • Bob Miles: Thug
  • Davey Davison: Louise Corman
  • Don Dillaway: Clem
  • Doris Dowling: Katie O'Brien
  • Herman Hack: Townsman
  • Joseph Breen: Townsman
  • Martha Manor: Blonde Store Clerk
  • Michael T. Mikler: Felix Matthews/Bushwhacker
  • Robert Christopher: Townsman
  • Stacy Harris: Mr. Corman
  • Walter Coy: Masterson


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Stadt im Zwielicht", meaning "City in the Twilight".
  • The title of this episode refers to the anthology series The Twilight Zone.
  • Joe says: “Where is everybody?” This refers to the episode of The Twilight Zone of the same name.





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