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Wade McPhail
Biographical information
Full Name: Wade McPhail
Occupation: Deputy US Marshal
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: --
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Born: --
Died: --
Family/Relatives: --
Spouse Emily McPhail
Romances/Domestic Partners: --
Children: --
Appeared on:
First Episode: Emily
Last Episode: Emily
Portrayed by: Ron Hayes

Personal Information[]

Wade McPhail is the Deputy US Marshal and has been working with US Marshal Calhoun for over nine years. He meets, falls in love with and marries Emily Anderson in San Francisco.

Wade's job takes him to Virginia City to help transport a large deposit of currency from the mint in San Francisco to the bank in Virginia City.

He finds out from his wife, Emily that an old flame is in town and she's not sure she can control herself if she meets him again. Wade tells her he'll make sure it doesn't happen.

Wade has to control his wife from going away with Little Joe and he fights Joe in the street, she's not exactly made it clear to Little Joe that's she's married much to his annoyance as well as Little Joe.

Wade sees his wife when he's patrolling the road where the money is coming through and he follows her and finds out that she's meeting Joe. Later in the day he asks her where she's been and she tells him she's been shopping. Wade knows she's lying and she comes out with an extravagant lie to protect herself but lands Little Joe in potentially hot water.

Because of his wife, Wade believes that Joe was going to run away with Emily and he needed money and blames Joe for killing the driver and the guard as his motive.

He loses his badge because of his narrow mindedness and his inability to see things the right way.

Wade finds out again that his wife has lied to him yet again when she believes that he maybe responsible for killing the driver, guard and wounding Joe so he could pocket the $90,000. Because Wade knows he didn't do it he also knows Joe didn't do it because she's more or less now blaming him and not Joe meaning she knows Joe is innocent. He manages to find out that she lied about Joe and what she saw that day. He heads out with Emily to tell everyone the truth of that day. US Marshal Calhoun gives Wade his job back since he's found out that Joe and Wade are innocent of any crime and that it was the guard who most likely held the driver at gunpoint to bury the money.

Wade still wants to try and save his marriage and he asks Emily to do the same, no promises, just try.