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Bonanza episode
“Woman of Fire”
Season 6, Episode 17
#185 in Series
Air date January 17, 1965
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Suzanne Clauser
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Shakespeare-inspired Adam tries to tame a shrewish senorita while she waits at the Ponderosa for her never-met husband-to-be.


A western retelling of The Taming of the Shrew with Adam in the Petruchio role. Ben's friend, Don Miguel, visits the Ponderosa with his two daughters, Margarita and Elena, and Elena's two very anxious suitors on their way to California to meet Margarita's suitor, Don Luis. However, Margarita is a "woman of fire" who manages to scare away all suitors with her hot temper. Since Margarita is the older daughter, she must be married before Elena. Elena's two suitors are quickly losing their patience, and Don Miguel fears his name will be disgraced if Margarita rejects Don Luis.

When Margarita blows up at Adam, he gives her what she's needed for a long time, a good spanking, which quiets her temporarily. However, Adam soon wishes he never got involved. Don Miguel and and Elena's two suitors ask him to tame Margarita, since he is the only one who has ever silenced her. Adam works to teach the beautiful, hot-tempered maiden to be sweet, gentile and demur.

Unfortunately, he's too successful. Don Luis surprises everyone by coming to the Ponderosa, anxious to see the wonderful woman of fire that he's heard so much about. Adam must quickly find a way to untame Margarita and wild girl they met for us unruly girl.

Cast and Characters[]

  • Lorne Greene: Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts: Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker: Hoss Cartwright
  • Michael Landon: Joe Cartwright



Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Die Kratzbürste", meaning "The Shrew".


"Why don't you have some eggs? I fixed them myself."
"What are these? Eggs from a Dodo bird? They taste like leather.
Adam and Margarita Miguel[src]

"You're right. She is a problem. But like you said, she's your problem - not mine."
Adam Cartwright[src]

"Miguel, I'm quite certain that my sons wouldn't want me to arrange any of their marriages but there are sure times I would like to give it a try."
Ben Cartwright[src]

"How can anyone be so stupid?"
"It isn't easy.
Margarita Miguel and Adam[src]

"Don't lose your temper so early in the morning; you won't have any left for the rest of the day."
Adam Cartwright[src]

"You, you permit people to tread on you like a worm! That is not me!! I, I have a fire inside of me! If I can not exxppplllloooooode, I will die!!!"
"Margarita, if only sometimes you could try to bank the fire a little?"
"Perhaps. I will try. I will try. It is not that I always wish to be alone. I think, perhaps, I would like to marry."
"I know this but your temper."
"So you have said and Papa has said and every suitor has said too many times! Well, I am I and any man, including Don Luis, must accept me the way I am!
Margarita Miguel and Elena Miguel[src]

"I heard she is very hot-tempered."
"I wouldn't be took concerned. People often exagerate things, you know."
"I hope you're wrong senior."
"You do?"
"What's a tiger without claws? It makes for more excitement. A man needs a good fight every now and then to warm the blood.
Don Luis Santana and Adam[src]




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